EMMA has solutions and services for your Emergency Department needs. From physician recruitment, Nurse Practitioner recruitment, Physician’s Assistant recruitment and a dedicated medical director, EMMA has a complete and comprehensive service for your hospital. Our regional approach and corporate culture will quickly show you that we understand the challenges in your particular region of the California market.

At EMMA, we believe that the best way to serve your patients is with highly experienced and educated physicians who believe in quality patient care. We offer unique and specialized services to meet every hospital’s needs. We welcome the opportunity to create an Emergency Department managed system that meets your every need. We strive for excellence in everything we do and know that over 20 years of experience in Emergency Department management will be exactly what you need to serve your patients and community.

What differentiates EMMA? EMMA is an emergency medical management company committed to local presence. Examples of local presence are contracting with managed  medical groups associated with the hospital, understanding the impact of EMTALA Laws and Emergency Department diversions in the local market.

• Superior track record of recruiting high quality emergency physicians
• Excellent retention rates for ED staff.
• Regional focus enables EMMA to understand your local community.
• “Value-added” Services that enhance hospitals’ emergency department performance in its specific market. See Value Added Page for more details.
• On-Site Medical Director
• “A++” rated malpractice insurance
• Dependable and trusted Emergency Department Provider for almost 30 years



EMMA is a regional Emergency Medicine company committed to a strong on-site presence. Its senior management team has experience in the Southern California Market enabling EMMA to understand the individual characteristics of this market. A regional focus has enabled EMMA to understand the Southern California market and establish ourselves as a leader in a variety of highly respected programs.



EMMA strives to provide the best patient care possible. To ensure that we are serving your patients and community the best we possibly can, we take a hands on approach to patient care through close monitoring of Physician performance. This monitoring contributes to lower wait times and improved outcomes for patients and often reduces ED length of stay.

• Dedicated on site Medical Director works closely with each hospital’s staff and administration for seamless integration and the best possible service.
• EMMA closely monitors physician performance
• Regular meetings with ED Nursing Director, nursing staff and hospital administration



For more than 20 years, EMMA has been providing the highest quality services for Emergency Departments all over Southern California. As the entry portal for a wide percentage of all inpatient admissions, EMMA recognizes that the emergency department plays a central role in the overall success and continued financial viability of the hospital as a whole. EMMA believes that by functioning as a provider and a resource, our physicians should assist the medical staff through courteous and timely communication, the provision of appropriate referrals and active involvement with medical staff.

EMMA is Quality:

• Over 20 years of experience
• Physician led and managed services
• Local focus that understands the California market
• Annual patient volume of nearly 300,000 visits per year
• On Site Medical Director
• Hands on approach that ensures high performance and the highest quality of care
• “A++” rated malpractice insurance



EMMA provides services that enhance the performance of your hospital’s Emergency Department. EMMA’s management team provides support to our clients to help ensure your ED operates with maximum efficiency and
productivity. Some of these services include:

• Fast Track development with triage criteria
• Patient Satisfaction Management Program
• Tight utilization management
• Review of admissions to ensure 23 hour or “short stay”admits identified
• Patient throughput data
• Risk Management Program in partnership with hospital programs
• CQI Program and physician education
• Best Practices Program and education
• Bedside Registration



At EMMA, we pride ourselves with superior physician retention. Our success is based on our organizational structure and compensation packages. These two elements ensure strong physician satisfaction and retention. EMMA has an annual physician turn over rate of less than 2% which is significantly better than industry averages.

EMMA has developed an excellent program to match Emergency Department physicians to hospital and community needs. Emergency Department physicians are given local autonomy along with a Medical Director, to handle daily operations. Physician participation along with strong leadership and intense individual attention increases physicians’ commitment to the organization, which results in excellent physician retention.

Keys to EMMA’s Physician Retention
• Physician Compensation Packages
• Emphasis on hospital placement
• On site Medical Directors for daily operations issues
• Bonus Incentives



A sophisticated patient complaint handling system is the first line of defense in a good risk management program. EMMA is responsible for investigating every complaint and for communicating with nursing, the patient, accounting, the emergency physicians, and administration regarding complaints and their resolution.