At EMMA, we’ve always committed to local presence, creating a culture that puts authority in the hands of physicians, and patient care at the forefront of every decision we make. Unlike other national groups, where a provider is at risk of being “lost in the shuffle” or being “just another employee,” we are close, and family oriented. Leaderships within the group are “one phone call away”!

We have excellent retention rates for ED staff, and our “value-added” services enhance hospitals’ emergency department performance in its specific market. We focus on retention: EMMA has an annual physician turnover rate of less than 2% which is significantly better than industry averages.

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Localized Autonomy

EMMA has developed an excellent program to match Emergency Department physicians to hospital and community needs. Emergency Department physicians are given local autonomy along with a Medical Director, to handle daily operations. Physician participation along with strong leadership and intense individual attention increases physicians’ commitment to the organization, which results in excellent physician retention.

Keys to EMMA’s Physician Retention

  • Competitive Compensation Package
  • Sophisticated Bonus Incentives Structures for both new and experienced physicians.
  • Emphasis on desired hospital placement
  • Risk management support

We welcome the opportunity to meet with potential staff. At this time we are currently interviewing for the following:

• Physicians
• Physician Assistants
• Nurse Practitioners

Please email your CV to: recruiting@emmamd.com or call at: (909) 629-8088