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Seamless Transition

As many are aware, large out of state corporations are encroaching upon California hospitals. As a result,  physicians and other practitioners are being forced to convert from 1099 incorporated practitioners to W2 employees. This will undoubtedly lead to very unhappy physicians, and some who may choose to leave the organization altogether.

We are a boutique Emergency Medicine group located in Southern California. We currently have 5 hospitals, ranging from small community hospitals to high-volume centers, including STEMI, EDAP, and comprehensive Stroke Centers. We have a roster of over 100 physicians and 90+ advanced practice providers. All of our physicians are independent and incorporated. This is a major draw for EM physicians.

We would like the opportunity to show you how we could seamlessly transition your ER away from the large conglomerate back to a small, personal and nimble group with very high physician/practitioner satisfaction.  If you have ER physicians that you feel bring value to your organization and are well-respected by the medical staff and community, we can offer them the same type of employment that they enjoyed prior to the corporate takeover.

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Dr. Agron has been with Methodist for over thirty years. He is a talented, compassionate ED Medical Director that always keeps current with various issues that may affect the quality care that patients receive at Methodist. He is involved with day to day issues with the Emergency Room Director and is very accommodating when it comes to ensuring that the Emergency Department has physician coverage during surge conditions. He has assembled a team of quality ED physicians that triage and treat our patients for admission to the hospital or sending them home to their family. He has been extremely generous in supporting Methodist Hospital foundation over the last 30 years. Dr. Agron is a stand up individual and I have enjoyed my relationship with him the last eight years.
Steve Sisto, COO
Methodist Hospital of Southern California
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Why is EMMA Better?

  • Local California group that is responsive & nimble
  • Personal attention & direct access to our leadership
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Rapid throughput
  • Pro-active case management
  • Minimize denials
  • Excellent malpractice track record
  • Seamless transition into emergency department & away from corporate model
  • Physician Recruitment
  • ED Staff Retention
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Oversight of the ED contracts
  • Independent contractors
  • Competitive Pay
  • No deductions
  • No Bureaucracy
  • Loyalty to physicians
  • Won’t let corporate model threaten your practice
  • Due process system to advocate for our practitioners


Let’s talk about your project today. We would love to provide a comprehensive proposal on how we can optimize the efficiency & management of your emergency department